Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Red Bar

So, it may look somewhat strange; maybe a little artsy, and definitely out of the ordinary......but this is where many of us will have dinner on Friday night. We are having a short walk through of the wedding at approximately 5:00 pm at Adagio, and then for those who are hungry, we will make our way to the Red Bar in Grayton Beach. I had no idea what i was walking into the first time I visited this establishment, especially when the waitress walked out with the menu written on a chalk board. But wow.....the food is outstanding. Everyone is invited! On Friday night, we will provide an open bar with beer and wine and free appetizers from 6-8pm. For anyone that is still hungry after that, Lynn and I highly recommend the crab cakes. They are awesome! Its getting close. We cant wait to see everyone there, except for Stan (that will be the next named tropical system in the Atlantic!).