Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Red Bar

So, it may look somewhat strange; maybe a little artsy, and definitely out of the ordinary......but this is where many of us will have dinner on Friday night. We are having a short walk through of the wedding at approximately 5:00 pm at Adagio, and then for those who are hungry, we will make our way to the Red Bar in Grayton Beach. I had no idea what i was walking into the first time I visited this establishment, especially when the waitress walked out with the menu written on a chalk board. But wow.....the food is outstanding. Everyone is invited! On Friday night, we will provide an open bar with beer and wine and free appetizers from 6-8pm. For anyone that is still hungry after that, Lynn and I highly recommend the crab cakes. They are awesome! Its getting close. We cant wait to see everyone there, except for Stan (that will be the next named tropical system in the Atlantic!).

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Maps to Adagio

The first map depicts route from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery. The shortest route is to take Hwy 82 east, but some people prefer the interstate as much as possible.
This map routes from Montgomery to Adagio. You simply turn on Hwy 331 south, and go all the way to Florida.
This is the map of the panhandle area where Adagio is located. Stay on Hwy 331 until you run into Hwy 98. Take a right on 98, then you will take the first left hand turn you can. This will take you to Hwy 30-A. Take a right on 30-A and look for Adagio on the left.
If you need any further directions, email me at Double click on the maps to see an enlarged version.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wedding Participants

Gary Osborn, father of the groom.
Ronnie Mason, father of the bride.
Ron Mason, brother of the bride.
Pam Guin, Lynn's sister.
Karlyle Osborn and Mr. Pig, Derek's niece.

Matt and Morgan, Derek's brother and niece.

More pictures of the wedding party to come......

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We Have Registered Again.....

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Outback: No Rules, Just Ring

So, lets go back to December of last year. Lynn and I had been dating for quite some time, and there was increasing pressure from a number of different players (including Lynn) as to when I was going to pop the question. In fact, it was such a common topic to so many, that the element of suprise was going to be almost impossible to obtain. Enter Christmas dinner at the Outback. The occasion was that Pam was coming back to town, as well as my mother from Fairhope; and Traci and Donna had not seen Pam since her wedding. Now, I know a lot of people out there (especially the women readers) are saying......"oh no, he didnt do it at Outback!!"" But actually, yes I did. I sounds romantic: "Uh, honey, can you pass me those cheese fries? Oh and by the way, will you marry me?" Or: "Kiss me baby, I just ate an onion blossom! Would you like to kiss ol' onion breath over here the rest of your life?" (Lynn hates onions.) I actually did suprise her, at least somewhat. Traci brought Christmas gifts to Pam and Lynn since it was going to be the only time she was going to get to see them both together before Christmas. When Lynn opened hers, inside was a black glove with a VERY EXPENSIVE ring on it (Ozmint only took half my left arm) with a little card inside that asked her to marry me. Shortly after, she was in my lap asking if we could skip dinner and go on home. This was the perfect opportunity to look at our waiter and say something I have always wanted to say, but only seen in movies when one is tempted by another of the opposite know, "CHECK PLEASE!" The only problem was that we hadn't ordered anything yet. The important thing is what she said, which was "Yes."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wedding Party Pics